How the lockdown is affecting landlords

It’s not just tenants who are feeling the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown – landlords are too, with a new survey showing that the personal income of 59% of them has been affected.

Payment holidays won't affect credit scores

Banks have quashed speculation that payment holidays will affect customers' credit scores and their ability to borrow in the future.

Supreme Court dismisses price-fixing appeal

Two Hamilton real estate agencies have lost their long-running battle with the Commerce Commission over allegations of price-fixing.

Te Kuiti - 2 for the price of 1

$499,000 What a time to invest in Te Kuiti with it's wonderful community feel, all the amenities your tenants will need and at an incredible price. Te Kuiti is 20mins from Waitomo, just over an hour from Hamilton...
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COMMENT: Making sense of it all: COVID-19, the economy & property

The Covid-19 crisis means everything is changing fast, so CoreLogic’s Kelvin Davidson* has put...

Auckland market booming before lockdown

The Super City’s housing market was in full recovery mode with strong sales and a rise in listings,...

Uncertainty set to plague 2020’s market

New data from both QV and shows the housing market was performing strongly prior...

Covid-19 will impact on building activity

New dwelling consents hit a 45 year high in the year ending February 2020 – but that was before...

Ask an expert

Failure in duties
“We have just had tenants vacate our rental property after two years and they have left quite a bit of damage and the place really unclean. It turns out our property management company hadn't been inspecting as per our agreement (every 90 days and four of eight completed). I was only ever emailed two inspection reports...”
Our expert Bernard Parker responds »

Second dwelling deductibility?
“I am looking at building a second dwelling on my property to rent. I'm wondering what I can write off for tax purposes. I am looking at getting a further mortgage for the new build and am still paying off the mortgage on the land that the property is in, but which my current dwelling is on also. I know I can write off...”
Our expert Matthew Gilligan responds »

Demolition notice period
“We are looking to demolish a rental property to build a family home. Are we required to give 42- or 90-days’ notice to the tenants?     ...”
Our expert Jennifer Sykes responds »

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