Seven top tips to get a property sale ready

Friday 5 May 2017

Planning to sell a property? Follow these seven simple tips to ensure your property will provide you with the best possible return on the time and money invested.

By Miriam Bell

Having made the decision to sell a property, an investor should be aiming to maximise their returns.

To this end, they need to make sure their property presents as well as possible to potential buyers. But that does not have to mean spending vast amounts of time and money.

There are some straightforward, cost-effective ways to go about doing this. Here are our top seven tips for getting a property sale ready:

1. First impressions matter

First impressions count for a lot with potential buyers and those impressions are formed quickly. Therefore, vendors need to make sure the exterior of their property presents well.

Lawns should be mowed, hedges should be trimmed, paving or concrete should be cleaned, fences should be well-maintained and paintwork should be clean and fresh. The property needs to be spick and span and any renovations must be complete. This includes minor repairs as well as major ones.

2. Give the house a bath

To get a property sale-ready, one of the simplest things that can be done is a high-pressure water-clean. Blast all the dirt and grime off your external walls, driveway, paths and fences. This can be done professionally or you can hire a machine and do it yourself.

3. Paint rejuvenation

Revitalising a property with a good paintjob is a sure way to boost its attractiveness while modernising it and adding value. Choose light, neutral colours and don’t forget to paint ceilings and cupboards, too.

Also, it pays to paint the front doorway and door if required as this will improve a buyer’s first impression. Re-staining decks is also a fairly simple move which can make a big difference to the overall appeal of a property.

4. Garden glory

One easy move which ramps up the visual appeal and saleability of a property is tackling the garden. Try to make sure the property appears low maintenance as this appeals to buyers.

But simple moves like mowing the lawns, weeding the garden, clearing up landscaping clutter, pruning trees, sweeping up leaves and clearing pathways make a huge difference.

5. Small changes

It might sound obvious, but make sure to fix anything broken. Doors that don’t shut property, holes in walls, peeling wallpaper and leaking taps are just some of the things that can turn off buyers and are relatively easy to fix.

Consider changing the kitchen and bathroom handles. This is an inexpensive and easy way to modernise these key rooms. Also, fix any leaking taps and oil creaky hinges.

6. Declutter and clean

Clutter and uncleanliness don’t present well and also make rooms look smaller. This means it is critical to clean everything. Wash curtains if necessary. Clear any surfaces like the tops of bookcases, the front of your fridge, the kitchen bench, dining tables, and desks.

7. Staging

If a property is empty, it is worth staging it. Buyers like to be able to visualise the property as a living space. Additionally, it is possible to stage a property so that it appeals to a target buyer group. As well as staging the interior, it is also worth staging the exterior. This can be done with outdoor furniture and pot plants.

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