Rental warrants examined by minister

Monday 25 March 2013

National’s new housing minister is looking into the possibility of a “warrant of fitness” for rental properties.

By The Landlord

The idea has been championed by the Green Party and was backed up last year by an advisory group on child poverty, which found almost three-quarters of impoverished children were living in rental properties.

The Greens had called for such a scheme to enforce minimum standards for heating, light and insulation, and for properties to be inspected regularly.

Housing Minister Nick Smith said Housing New Zealand would have to bring its properties up to standard before it put demands on the private sector.

But he had asked his officials to do some groundwork on a warrant of fitness scheme for all rental properties.

The New Zealand Property Investors Federation has said that such a scheme would be costly and force landlords to hike rents.

President Andrew King said:  "It's not so much a daft idea but it's an unnecessary idea. A lot of the things that are covered by a warrant of fitness are already in other acts like the Health and Safety Act… it would just be a duplication."

Comments from our readers

On 29 March 2013 at 11:45 am Andrew said:
"...almost three-quarters of impoverished children were living in rental properties" And 90% of them are in state rental properties. I won't have beneficiaries in my property anymore because my experience has shown me they're more trouble than they're worth.
On 11 April 2013 at 4:56 pm lorraine said:
Where has the Minister been living? Does he not know that this will put more obligations on Landlords. All the ones that I have talked to do not make any money out of the rentals they have - this will just make things harder. Also, there is no way that I would have beneficiaries living in any of my rentals after my first (and last) beneficiary tenant in my first rental. HNZ should clear up their own backyard first and get pinged by the Minister, not private landlords. We are doing a SOCIAL SERVICE, after all, everyone needs someone to live, I just don't want more red tape than I already have thank you very much Mr Minister.
On 1 June 2013 at 8:09 am paul brandt said:
I agree my property managers put there foot on bad tenants and fix or get rid off them. Now have great tenants.I have lived in areas with high HNZ housing and seems like its anything goes. Tenants are wreaking houses and suspect managers are scared to steep in or don't care, not there property. Ruins entire streets and suburbs.

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