Property problems: Council bylaws best bet in fighting brothels

Monday 13 September 2004

Q. I am the owner of an investment property and have recently been told by neighbouring shop owners that one of the shops in the block may be turned into a brothel. I am worried that this will negatively affect the value of my property. What can I do?

A. On June 27, 2003, the Prostitution Reform Act came into law. This controversial legislation decriminalised prostitutio

By The Landlord

n so that the activities of soliciting, brothel-keeping, procuring for prostitution and living on the earnings of prostitution are now lawful.

Before June 2003 keeping a brothel was an illegal activity and many brothels operated secretly. The Prostitution Reform Act resulted in brothels and sex activities coming out into the open.

Now all laws (including health and safety, tax, property laws) apply to these businesses in the same way as any other lawful business.

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