Putting a premium on life

Sunday 24 October 2004

While we're enjoying life, we find it hard to face the facts of death, let alone the financial ramifications of dying.

By The Landlord

So life insurance is a product which has to overcome people's evasiveness about acknowledging we are all going to die some day.

No one wants to imagine what life would be like for their partner and children in their permanent absence.

For people with dependants, the marketing premise of life insurance makes sense. You have to think about how they would cope financially if you die.

It is not just about being kept in the fashion they are accustomed to, but getting by.

Sure, that means you first have to take a deep breath and admit you might die before what you think is your time.

But it can't be that hard as planning now for what could happen is something we usually don't hesitate about with regards to vehicle and house insurance.

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