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Sunday 19 September 2004

Q: My wife 64, and I, 60, have always had a conservative approach to financial matters and although we did dabble with WiNZ, TENZ and BIL (and similar) some years ago, and did exit these with a profit, we think that sharemarket investments carry too much risk for us.

Consequently, we find ourselves with bank term deposits of about $35,000 and an investment with Fisher & Paykel

By The Landlord

Finance (Secured 1st Ranking Debenture Stock) of $60,000.

F&P Finance pays a higher rate of interest (presumably reflecting a higher risk) than our bank term deposits, but we feel that given the pedigree of the company, and the areas in which they say they apply the funds, the actual risk is probably only a little greater than that of bank term deposits.

Despite this optimism, we find ourselves reluctant to increase our exposure to F&P.

Our question is: how, from the multitude of fixed-interest offerings, do we determine which have a risk profile that is similar to our perception of that of F&P Finance?

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