How to save $2000 a year (and enjoy it)

Monday 23 August 2004

The Consumers' Institute believes Kiwi families can save more than $2000 a year without giving up their lattes, paninis and glossy mags.

By The Landlord

Researcher David Hindley says saving by scrimping isn't any fun but, if families turn their minds to getting better deals, they can ensure their bank accounts look healthier - without the pain of cutting back.

How families could do better:

# Electricity: "Electricity is so much a part of our lives that we hardly think about it," Hindley says. "We scrutinise prices at the supermarket, but are still slow to compare power company prices." Many people are paying too much and, by comparing prices from alternative suppliers and choosing the best, they could save $40 to $220 a year. But Hindley warns: "The companies don't always make switching as easy as they could." Savings: up to $220 a year...

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