Wealth effect hits urban 'millionaires'

Sunday 6 June 2004

Q. A reader commented on The Millionaire Next Door by Stanley/Danko, a fascinating study of Millionaires and Millionaire families in North America that has parallels in New Zealand.

It is a good read for the majority of Millionaires who do not accept or practise conspicuous consumption and who will realise that they are normal after all, and essential reading for those who aspi

By The Landlord

re to be Millionaires and need some coaching on good money habits.

If you enjoy this book, try The Millionaire Mind by Stanley. Yet another good read.

In addition, I recommend Your Money or Your Life, by Dominguez/Robin. This book is about "enough", and achieving financial integrity/independence.

The three books are a good dose of money reality. Pity that most of this stuff is not taught at school. Happy reading.

A. My first two responses to your letter were:

* Have we now elevated millionaires to God-like status, so that they get a capital M?

* You write as if millionaires were 10 a penny (as Mum - with a capital M because she's a specific mum - used to say).

Then again, perhaps millionaires have indeed become pretty common, thanks to the recent housing boom.

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