ARC head explains thinking behind rates system

Sunday 18 April 2004

ARC head Gwen Bull answers questions about the rate take

By The Landlord

Q. What has the council done to show it has listened and acted on concerns over last year's transport rate?

A. In October and November we reviewed our transport rating policy and undertook a large consultation exercise. Almost 5000 people filled in our questionnaire and others wrote us letters and emails. We also reviewed all the feedback we received over the rating period. As a result, we developed the alternative transport rating method. We are now presenting this method as an option in our draft plan and asking people to tell us whether they want the new methods or want to stay with the status quo.

Q. Why should people support the status quo?

A. Staying with the status quo means almost all ratepayers will get an increase of about 3.2 per cent in their ARC rates bill. If we change the policy, some will experience large swings, up or down...

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