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Looking at Raglan

Anne Maree asks:

I'm looking at my first property investment but am very cautious. I have a mortgage-free house but no cash. I’m 55 with one income of around $70,000. I’m considering a bach in Raglan as both a long-term investment and also for my own use (although it would need to be rented or partially rented).

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New Zealand equity

Jessica asks:

We have three properties in New Zealand but have just moved to Australia. We want to buy a house here to live in and to use equity from our NZ properties (they are at less than 80% of total value). They are also making more money than I at first thought, which is unnecessary. Is this legal? And if it is, are we able to claim the additional interest as an expense?

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Options at 61?

Glen asks:

I am 61 and on an invalids benefit. I have a freehold house with $500,000 equity. Do you think banks lend to me? I'm wanting a modest investment property, using my freehold property as security with little or no deposit?


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