New record heats up migration debate

Fuel has been thrown onto the fire of debate over immigration with the news that migration flows into New Zealand have hit another record high.

56% of Akld house costs due to land regulation

Land use regulation is responsible for up to 56% of the cost of an average house in Auckland, a new Government commissioned report reveals.

Thursday news in brief

Life is busy and it’s easy to miss some of the stories that hit the news. So here’s a brief rundown of some of the stories that might have slipped by you this week…

Rotorua - Multi-Income Delight

$466,100 One of the best deals around, great yield and get both homes for less than $250k each! Grab this perfect double package to boost your portfolio with strong cash flow on a flat low maintenance section. ...
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Decline in affordability round NZ

Rising house prices have led to a decline in housing affordability in most regions of the country over...

New builds: what investors should know

Major supply shortages mean New Zealand needs more new dwellings built but there are good reasons why...

Preparing for future investing trends

Fast evolving technology and changing living requirements mean property investing in the future will...

24 properties & a 4-hour work week

An expat couple living in Dunedin went from one derelict house to 24 properties and working from under...

Ask an expert

Tenant Airbnb ventures
“My tenants are under a residential fixed term tenancy agreement of one year. I recently found out they are using the premises for Airbnb with 26 bookings over a two month period. The premises are a two bedroom dual key. There is a stipulation of a maximum of four people occupation which they would not be breaching. But...”
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Buying for capital gain
“Is it a good idea to sell my current rental property, which has good rental yield, to buy an Auckland apartment for capital gain? Or should I keep my rental property and borrow more from the bank? ...”
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Tenancy termination negotiations
“I need to move back into my home that I have been renting out. I anticipated using the 42 day rule. However, I have just been told that the latest tenant was given a two year fixed term contract by a staff member of the property management agency I employ. That person has since left the company. I am being told that I need...”
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