Meth assumptions shaken by new report

New recommendations on safe meth levels will impact on the habitability levels landlords need to consider in contamination situations, a tenancy expert says.

Fall in investor lending continues

New investor-focused LVRs have led to a free fall in bank lending to investors, the Reserve Bank’s latest mortgage lending data reveals.

Joining the dots to solve Auckland’s problems

Investors are being urged to get involved with a new initiative that is aiming to try and solve Auckland’s housing crisis.

Invercargill - 3 in 1 Deal in Invercargill

$399,000 We have an Investor selling up his Property Portfolio in Invercargill. Buy all 3 properties for less than $400,000. All are tenanted by a Property Manager with a very good reputation. Property Details...
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All go for Crown Land developments

It’s full steam ahead for the government’s Crown Land Housing programme in Auckland with two progress...

Investors over-optimistic on price growth - ANZ

Investors house price expectations look overcooked as near-term price decline is baked in, ANZ economists...

Prospect of DTIs looms larger

Controversial debt-to-income ratios (DTIs) have moved a step closer.


How to find a commercial property

Ever wondered what to look for when buying a commercial property? This month’s NZ Property Investor...

Ask an expert

Ending fixed term tenancies
“I see you can break a fixed term tenancy if the house is uninhabitable, but what about if your flatmates are constantly having parties? There are house rules as part of the agreement with this tenancy which says if they are breached we will be given notice. This includes rules about parties and noise. My flatmates party...”
Our expert Allan Galloway responds »

GST sale considerations
“Back in 2007, we bought a hotel apartment, GST included. We claimed the GST back at 12.5%. We have just sold the apartment in April 2016 to a non-registered GST buyer - again GST included. Given that the GST is now 15%, how do we work out the GST payable ? Will the total sale amount be at 15% or will some still be at 12.5%...”
Our expert Mark Withers responds »

Property management beginner
“I am new to property management and looking after a few properties that are owned by my friends. The total rental I receive on behalf of the landlords will be over $60,000 per year, but my service fee will be below $20,000 per year. Do I have to register for GST to run this business?  ...”
Our expert Bernard Parker responds »

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