Window catches for tenants?

Question from Ryan updated on 7th August 2012:

I have been asked by my tenants to install catches on the windows to prevent their child climbing out. What is your opinion on installing items like this for tenants?

Our expert Juliet Robinson responded:

You have not explained the circumstances of the child climbing out the windows. How old is the child? Is there a dangerous drop for him once he is through the window? Ask yourself this question - if your tenants move out and are replaced by another family with a similarly aged child, would you think it reasonable and normal for them to ask for window catches? If you want to prevent a toddler having a tragic fall from a high window, the question answers itself – of course you would want to prevent a tragedy. However, if the tenants simply want to secure a teenager from making an unauthorised exit then the costs of installing such window stays should be theirs.

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