Who pays for water tank repairs?

Question from Lainey updated on 12th September 2014:

If the water tank begins to crack and empties then who is responsible to fix and refill the tank?

Our expert Juliet Robinson responded:

You haven’t given any information about what caused the water tank to crack. The cause can have a significant bearing on who is responsible for repair. For example, if you drove your car into the tank and caused the crack, or a visitor of yours did, then you would be responsible for making good the damage and replacing any lost water. If, however, the tank has simply perished with age, then usually the property owner will be responsible for its repair as normal maintenance. It depends how much water has been lost, and how quickly it can be replaced by natural refilling, whether any replacement water needs to be purchased. Tenant and landlord should be able to work this out between them.

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