Where can I get insurance for my property investment?

Question from H McKenzie updated on 26th September 2007:

I'm new to owing rental property but have just bought a unit title apartment in central Wellington that I rent out using a property manager. What kind of insurance should I have?

Our expert responded:

Rentsure are the leading specialists in Landlords Insurance in NZ:

What you are covered for:

* Malicious Damage or Theft by the Tenants.
Up to $25,000 with excess $500. (replacement value; up to 10 years)
* Loss of Rents following the tenant vacating without giving the required notice
Up to 6 weeks rent with excess $250.
* Loss of Rents due to the eviction of a tenant for non-payment of Rent.
Up to 12 weeks rent with excess $250.
* Loss of Rents due to Prevention of Access.
Up to 6 weeks rent with excess $250.
* Legal Liability as a Landlord.
Up to $1,000,000 for property damage with excess $250.
* Premises left untenantable as a result of a claim under section1.
Limit 52 weeks rent with excess $250

The maximum excess you will pay under any one claim is $500, even if you claim under more than one section. What's more, the bond remains the landlords!

For an instant quote click here or call 0800 RENTSURE

Amy Hubbard is the PA to the editor of landlords.co.nz and The NZ Property Magazine


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