What is a depreciation schedule?

Question from Te Tipi updated on 17th September 2009:

Well its tax time again and I have just purchase a investment property. Could you please explain to me what is a depreciation schedule? Why I need it for tax purposes? Where do I obtain it? Your help would be greatly appreciated?

Our expert Mark Withers responded:

An asset schedule is a component of your financial statements that is compiled by your accountant to track the cost and accumulated depreciatiion on all the income earning assets. For a rental property this typically splits the purchase price between land, building and chattels.

To do this accurately you will need to supply your accountant with valuations of the property to determine the split between land and buildings and details of what the property cost you. Land is not depreciable but buildings and chattels depreciate at different rates. The depreciation schedule tracks this over time and ensures you keep a record of how much depreciation must be recovered in the event that assets are disposed of for above book value.

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