Third party in 14 day notice

Question from Rachael updated on 16th March 2020:

I have a property manager looking after my rental. As a result of disputes between the property manager and the tenants the Tenancy tribunal became involved, and I have been contacted via email by the tenants. The tenants have now served the property manager and myself with a 14 day notice to remedy regarding a prearranged visit to the property. The Tenancy Services people have advised me that I do not have to respond to this because I am a third party. Is this correct? 

Our expert Bernard Parker responded:

You are a third party if your name is not mentioned on the tenancy agreement. However, if the tenancy agreement specifies that the property manager is acting as your agent, then you are the landlord for whom your agent is acting. I’m not sure whether you have given here the same information that you gave to Tenancy Services. Their advisors are very capable, and I conclude that you informed the advisor that your name is not on the tenancy agreement. Therefore you are not targeted by the 14-Day Notice.

Bernard is principal of Quinovic – Kapiti-Mana. Quinovic's outstanding people and systems provide the most professional, effective and reliable residential property management service in the NZ market for over 30 years.

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