Tenancy agreement issues

Question from Iris Kung updated on 1st May 2007:

Mr A solely signed the tenancy agreement with me, Miss B is his girl friend, A & B said to me only two of them living in my property, but B used C's name to put on the bond lodgement form together with A's name. After A was put into the jail, B ran away, then C and B's sister and friends moved in to my property, but not paying anything. According to tenancy tribunal I couldn't ask them to leave the house. I put the case to tribunal and they finally ran away, leaving us more than 20 bags of rubbish,and 8 weeks no rent. I am wondering did tribunal mislead me or can I also make claim to C and B's sister? I paid to learn, but is there anyway I can put their names on to prevent other landlords becoming their next victim?

Our expert Jeff Montgomery responded:

As your tenant, it was the responsibility of ‘A’ to ensure that rent was paid until the tenancy ended. If this was a periodic tenancy ‘A’ could have done that by giving 21 days written notice. When a tenancy ends however, the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 sets out a list of responsibilities for a tenant such as returning the keys to the landlord; removing all of their belongings and rubbish from the property and ensuring that the property is returned to the landlord vacant. A tenant may be found liable for any reasonable loss that a landlord incurs by a tenants breach of their responsibilities. Your application to the Tenancy Tribunal would need to be made against ‘A’.

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