Stepping in for sister

Owen asks:
(updated on Friday, May 03rd 2013)

I am going to be running a rental property for my sister. Do I need to complete any paper work to show she has given her permission for me to do this?

Our Experts Answer:

It is sensible to have written authority from your sister that you are to manage the property as her agent. (You never know when you may need to prove that you have her authority to act on her behalf.) If there is an existing tenancy in place and your sister is currently the landlord, you should both complete a Change of Landlord form in regard to the tenant’s bond, and also advise the tenant that you are to be the property manager (and give the tenant your contact details). Also, in case an insurance claim might need to be lodged at some stage in the future, she could advise her insurance company of your name as a person authorised to lodge a claim. (It’s a whole lot more cumbersome lodging a claim for her further down the track if you don’t have that authority!)

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