Rent roll sold, where do I stand?

Question from John updated on 24th June 2011:

I had my rental properties with real estate company #1 and they sold their rent roll to real estate company #2. I am not happy with company #2 and want to cancel my agreement with them (although I have no agreement with #2 only #1). There is no assignment of contract clause in my property management agreement but company #2 is saying that I can't cancel the agreement. I was never advised that my property management company was changing until after it had happened. Where do I stand?

Our expert Juliet Robinson responded:

This is an interesting situation. (You may originally have chosen the services of Company 1 after rejecting an offer from Company 2.)  

The latter is probably now claiming that the rights and obligations of Company 1 were assigned to it when it purchased the rent roll.  

However, on-selling management of your property is not like on-selling a hire-purchase finance agreement.  

It is something personal that you need to be happy with.  You may find that your commitment to Company 1 (and vice versa) was broken when that company sold its rent roll.  

If Company 2 remains stubborn you may complain to the Real Estate Institute. 

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