Property management software?

Question from Craig updated on 3rd April 2012:

There seem to be a large number of portfolio management software programs on the market. I purchased REV IQ some time ago but haven’t used it. Are they a reputable outfit and is it a quality program? Or is there another you would recommend?

Our expert Juliet Robinson responded:

The only thing that will tell you that the program is a quality program is seeing whether it does what you want it to do. I do not use this software so I can't give you an opinion.

I suggest you go to the next meeting of your local Property Investors’ Association and ask around.  Visit for contact details. The meetings are held for attendees to exchange ideas and you may find others who have used the package and who can give you a few pointers. But more importantly, install it and try it. You may find it does all that you need!

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