Plumbing cost liability?

Question from Lee updated on 14th June 2015:

Should an owner be informed of a leaking ceiling by the body corporate before the body corporate engages a plumber? The property is under rental guarantee with a management company? Does the owner and the owner of the upstairs apartment share the cost of the repair? Also, can I refuse to pay if work is done without my consent?

Our expert Krister Samuel responded:

The body corporate generally covers the cost of repairs outside of the apartment, the individual owner is responsible for the cost of repairs inside. There are some instances with buildings with known building defects causing ongoing moisture ingress where the body corporate has made decisions to share the cost of repairs to individuals units. If the owner of the upstairs unit neglected to remedy a flooding issue, say in the shower, which caused damage to the unit below then the upstairs unit would be liable for the cost. You should be advised of any work being undertaken inside your apartment.

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