Noisy renovations disturbance

Question from Hongrui updated on 21st March 2014:

Hi, I have rented a apartment for four months but now it is too noisy to live in because my neighbor is doing renovations. What should I do? Can I get a refund from my landlord?

Our expert Richard Evans responded:

As it isn't  your landlord doing the work, then he/she has no obligation to refund anything to you. If you have a periodic tenancy then I suggest you give 21-days notice and vacate. Have you found out how much longer the work is going to be going on for? If the work is being done in normal working hours then you might not have any reason to leave, but if its being done evenings then you can ask him/her not to do so and if you get no satisfaction then you might want to consider vacating. It is not your landlord’s problem but he might be able to do the asking so he can keep you as a tenant.

Richard and Pauline Evans own Rotorua Rentals and manage over 800 houses in Rotorua - They are also directors of The Leading Property Managers of New Zealand - - so they have the knowledge and experience to offer an opinion on most matters of property management.

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