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Question from Mike updated on 14th June 2012:

During a recent property inspection, myself (the tenant) and the property manager had an verbal argument. I made a verbal complaint, followed up with a written complaint to the property manager's company. I am going through the complaint process with the company, which has been very prompt and professional in reply to complaint. But I now have an trust issues with the property manager and I will be asking to deal with someone else for future property inspections. If the company does not provide a different property manager to carry out future inspections then can I serve a trespass notice on the property manager? Can you foresee any problems from this action for myself or my landlord?

Our expert Juliet Robinson responded:

You haven’t said what the property management agency did in response to your complaint but you did say it has acted professionally. I read from your letter that the complaint process is still underway and you are looking for another course of action if the decision goes against you. The company is your property manager, providing a service to the owner of the property. In this role it has a right to assign its employee to carry out inspections.

The purpose of a trespass notice is to keep people off your property whom you have a right to keep out. It is not relevant here, as a property manager duly authorised to inspect the property is not trespassing. If you have a genuine issue of trust against the company’s employee, you should try to resolve it by discussion with the company.

I suggest you let the company’s complaints process take its course before you decide on any further course of action. You may well be able to resolve the issue.


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