Neglected bathroom repairs?

Question from Tina updated on 22nd February 2013:

I employed a property manager who in my opinion has neglected to have repairs done to our bathroom which has resulted in a major repair job.

Our expert Juliet Robinson responded:

A lot of questions arise here. Did your property manager have authority to have the repairs done? Were you aware of the need for repairs? Did you instruct the property manager to do the repairs? Was there money available for him/her to pay for such repairs? When did the property manager notice / report the need for repairs? Is the major job a result of a failure by the property manager, or by you, or of a breakdown in communication between you? For how long did the “neglect” go on before causing the need for a major repair job? If you know the answer to all these questions, you will know whether the property manager has failed to carry out his/her responsibilities. I suggest that you talk through the issue with the property manager. If necessary, talk to the company’s principal. The property manager is, after all, your agent – acting with your delegated authority and in your interests.

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