Leaky shower headache

Question from Fiona updated on 19th February 2014:

Our tenant has complained that our shower is leaking. We have had our plumber out a number of times now to fix the problem and our tenant still says it is leaking. At a recent property inspection we could not see any leak however before we send our plumber out again, are we able to ask the tenant to send us some video evidence to help the plumber diagnose the problem before he goes out there for the fourth time?

Our expert Richard Evans responded:

My first thought is that you need a new plumber. Did he report back to you the first time and tell you what the actual problem was and how he fixed it?
Was it the shower rose or hose or mixer taps? It could easily be any one of those and most tradesmen plumbers would check that on the first visit, and to be fair any of those items can start to leak at any time. I think you need more information from your plumber, and ask you tenant exactly what was leaking the first three times and what did the plumber do? A video is always a good idea, if the tenant has a smart phone that shouldn’t be a problem.

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