Insulation requirements

Question from Mike updated on 5th February 2016:

Where can I find, in black and white, the insulation requirements that my rental property requires?

Our expert Bernard Parker responded:

The November 2015 issue of New Zealand Property Investor magazine has the following answer in its “Ask an Expert” column about when private landlords will have to provide insulation in their rental properties:

“The Government announced in July that legislation would be developed this year to make it compulsory to provide insulation in rental properties. The legislation has not been passed yet, but the intentions of Government have been well publicised. The purpose is to make rental properties healthier and safer. The Cabinet Social Policy Committee has decided that the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 will be amended to require that residential rental premises must meet insulation standards prescribed in regulations. The operative dates will be: 1. from 1 July 2016 all Housing Corporation and Community Housing Provider tenancies where tenants pay an income related rent; 2. from 1 July 2019 all other residential tenancies covered by the Residential Tenancies Act. Some exclusions from the insulation requirements would apply where it is impractical to retrofit insulation due to the physical design of the property (for example, where the house has a concrete slab floor). It is also planned that from 1 July 2016, for all new tenancies, landlords or people acting on their behalf (including property managers) will be required to state, as part of the tenancy agreement, the extent of insulation in the ceiling, walls and underfloor. A public education campaign is expected in association with these and other changes to the law. We will undoubtedly receive more information in the news as the legislation passes through Parliament.”

To find out what the requirements are, I suggest you follow a link to Consumer magazine. You can find it at

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