Install or not install a TV aerial?

Question from Samara updated on 1st April 2011:

My rental apartment does not have a TV aerial and my tenant has asked for one. Is it my responsibility to install this?

Our expert Juliet Robinson responded:

If there was no TV aerial when the tenant viewed and subsequently applied to rent the apartment (and no mention was made about one being provided), then the landlord is not obliged to provide one.  The tenant may provide their own, at their own cost, but arguably they will have the right to remove it (and make good) when they leave.  However, you may want to find out from the tenant what type of aerial they want. 

Is it for Sky or other digital pay TV provider, or perhaps Freeview, or standard free-to-air TV?  The current analogue free-to-air transmission is planned to cease transmission in stages from September 2012.  That will leave Freeview as the digital replacement. If you want to “future-proof” your apartment and make it attractive to current and future tenants, you may decide to wear the cost of an aerial that will pick up Sky and Freeview.  (That way you will have happier tenants, a better-appointed apartment ,  and you may even recoup the cost in earlier letting next time.)

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