Higher than usual water bill

Question from Erika M. updated on 28th November 2006:

I've lived in my home 5 years. We are billed quarterly for our water/sewer and I've never paid over $180. This month my bill was $540! I have no leaks (I'm aware of), no running toilets, no pool or sprinkler system. I actaully watered my flowers LESS then last year, since I was away quite a bit this summer. I changed nothing in my daily routine. I called the city who sent someone out to re-read the meter. The #'s seem back to normal, and was advised to pay the bill with no explanation as to how this happened-only "I don't know what goes on inside your house!" What do I do? How could this have happened and how do I avoid it again? Thanks!

Our expert responded:

Thanks for your question Erika. Unfortunately it falls outside the scope of our expert panelists. I suggest you go back to the company who sends your bill and ask for further clarification as to why your bill is higher than normal. It may be because your previous bills were estimated and the meter not read until the last bill, whereupon you have been undercharged for actual usage in previous months. Alternatively you could contact Fair Go in case there have been other instances of this occurring. Best of luck.

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