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Question from Paul updated on 2nd July 2018:

What sort of information needs to be gathered from a prospective tenant - besides name, address, contact phone number, and email address? Is there a template for the necessary information that I can use or have access to?



Our expert Bernard Parker responded:

First of all, you need to decide what sort of tenant you want. Then you decide what information you need to help you decide that the applicant is that sort of tenant. Are they employed, do they have a good credit record, how many people are planning to live in the property with the applicant? Are they a group or a family? What ages?

These are all questions that can be asked of the applicant. Then, of course, you will have a range of questions that you will need to ask of referees to help you confirm that the applicant is telling the truth. If you decide to use the services of a professional property manager you will be using their experience in dealing with people, and that experience will include a range of other sources of information.

In the final analysis, you need the knowledge that the tenant will pay the rent and look after the property.

Bernard is principal of Quinovic – Kapiti-Mana. Quinovic's outstanding people and systems provide the most professional, effective and reliable residential property management service in the NZ market for over 30 years.

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