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Question from rachel updated on 5th July 2016:

I am new to investing. I am over 40 and wanting to buy a property as soon as I can - when I find the right property.

To that end, I have been reading books and trying to get as much information as possible. I have also attended one free seminar. I am happy to / want to attend as many seminars and courses as I can to be fully educated, but have seen mentoring companies offering "one stop" courses that seem a good idea.

I know they are expensive ($8000 for the one I have seen), but is this money well spent considering you get a lifetime of membership and they can be there whenever you need them? Or are these companies just money making schemes?

If possible, can you recommend a course?

Our expert Kris Pedersen responded:

I'm a big fan of education and I spent a lot of money on courses and books when I was starting out. Your local branch of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation (at is a great place to start, along with NZ Property Investor magazine.

In regards to the other courses, there are a number of providers who offer good quality. But I would keep away from any which are also trying to sell you property personally. Most will have a free evening to give you an idea, so it's probably best to go to a few and join the one that you feel you fit in best with.


Kris Pedersen of Kris Pedersen Mortgages is a commentator on property and finance. His team sources top finance strategies.

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