Furnish apartment or not?

Question from K C updated on 9th July 2014:

What is the practice in New Zealand regarding linen for furnished apartments? Does the landlord have to supply/replace bed linen (like sheets or duvet) or does the tenant use their own?

Our expert Krister Samuel responded:

A full furniture pack for a typical two-bedroom investment, which includes items from beds to teaspoons, will cost $5,000 to $7,000 and will increase your weekly rent by between $50 to $100 per week. Furnishing also reduces the ongoing damage to walls and tight turns within the apartment as tenants won't have to move their often bulky furnishings in and out of the property. Providing linen, however, should be avoided. It will cost you dearly to keep replacing and tenants prefer to supply their own. For a standard recommended furnishings list feel free to contact me directly.

Krister is ranked in the top 1% of all real estate agents nationwide and specialises in the high yielding Auckland apartment market. He is happy to share insights and information on any aspect from an extensive knowledge base built up over a decade.

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