Former property manager butting in

Question from Lisa updated on 5th April 2012:

We rented our house out two years ago through a property manager. We were not happy with her conduct and we chose to terminate our business with her. Now over two years later we are renting our house out again and have chosen a different property manager. We found out through our new manager that the previous manager had rung up (after seeing our house advertised) and disclosed private information about us. Is she able to do this? I am worried she will keep trying to cause trouble.

Our expert Juliet Robinson responded:

You haven’t said what sort of “private information” the previous property manager has been passing to the new one. Is it information about you yourselves, or is it information about the first property manager’s dealings with you? Is it actually private or is it information you simply would prefer that the new property manager didn’t hear? Is it true? Why is it being passed on? The answers to these questions will tell you how you should react. Perhaps your best course of action is to ascertain exactly what the previous property manager has said, and then give her a call and request that she stop passing on such information. The knowledge that the “chain of communication” is reaching you may make her think again and desist.

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