Fencing DIY?

Olivia asks:
(updated on Friday, August 24th 2012)

We need to build a 20-metre fence at our rental property as the current fence is falling over. We lose a lot of money on this property as it is so we are considering building the fence ourselves to save money especially as we can source timber at a really good discount. The other option is to shop around for some quotes from builders. What are the pros and cons of doing it ourselves vs using a builder? What should we consider if we do decide to build it ourselves?

Our Experts Answer:

Here are some things for you to weigh up when deciding on this. On the 'pros' side I'd point out that many fences are reasonably straight-forward to build and if you are able to get materials on discount then you should make a reasonable saving on costs. If you enjoy DIY then it can be a nice use of an extended weekend. On the other hand even relatively straight-forward jobs take time, particularly if you lack experience. If you are worried about the time commitment then you might like to try a hybrid approach. For instance I recently found someone through our website to build a fence of similar size for me and helped him out with some of the work. Thanks to his experience (and tools) the job was done well, costs were within budget, and I didn't have to commit large chunks of time. If you do choose to use a tradesperson make sure to be very clear in the quoting stage so that you understand what to expect of each other.

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