Faulty wiring - "nothing has been done"

Question from Hinewai updated on 20th November 2013:

How do I get my landlord to fix the wiring in the house? It's been over a year since I notified the landlord of the issue and still nothing has been done.

Our expert Diane Nelson responded:

As a tenant the Residential Tenancies Act is available for you to use, in the same way it is for a landlord. Therefore you can issue a 14-day notice to remedy the fault and if the landlord does not comply you can take this through to a Tenancy Tribunal hearing. If you are successful the Tribunal may rule for a works order to be issued against the landlord.

Diane Nelson has over 14 years experience as a property manager in the Northland region. She now owns the REAL Landlord Insurance NZ Ltd brokerage and for over six years has specialised in the Landlord Preferred Policy,for investment owners who have their properties professionally managed. Diane also runs property management consultancy business Passionate about Property Management.

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