Extent of cover

Miriam asks:
(updated on Wednesday, October 09th 2019)

I bought a new DSLR camera on the weekend. Does my insurance automatically cover new items like this that I buy for my house?



Our Experts Answer:

As with many insurance questions, it does depend on your individual policy. With high value items like this, called “specified items” in insurance speak, your own home and contents policy wording will dictate the maximum value that can be covered for any one item. If your item is valued at less than the maximum amount specified in your policy wording, then yes, it is automatically covered.

If the item exceeds that value, you will need to extend the cover to specifically cover the camera (or jewellery, or another high-value item) you’ve gone out and bought. Get in touch with your insurer directly to do this – although some insurers make these changes easier than others!

Importantly, if you are buying something pricey for your rental property such as furniture, then you will likely be covered for both accidental and malicious damage by your tenant or guest. The amount covered will vary though, so double check before splashing out on anything new.

Heartland Bank - Online 1.99
Kainga Ora - First Home Buyer Special 2.25
HSBC Premier 2.25
ICBC 2.45
Westpac Special 2.49
SBS Bank Special 2.49
The Co-operative Bank - Owner Occ 2.49
BNZ - Classic 2.49
ASB Bank 2.49
ANZ Special 2.49
TSB Special 2.49
HSBC Premier 2.35
Heartland Bank - Online 2.35
ICBC 2.45
TSB Special 2.49
SBS Bank Special 2.59
ASB Bank 2.59
Kiwibank Special 2.65
China Construction Bank Special 2.65
The Co-operative Bank - Owner Occ 2.69
AIA 2.69
Westpac Special 2.69
HSBC Premier 2.89
SBS Bank Special 2.99
The Co-operative Bank - Owner Occ 2.99
AIA 2.99
Westpac Special 2.99
BNZ - Classic 2.99
ICBC 2.99
ASB Bank 2.99
China Construction Bank Special 2.99
Kiwibank Special 3.19
TSB Special 3.19
Heartland Bank - Online 2.50
Resimac 3.39
Kiwibank - Offset 3.40
Kiwibank 3.40
Kiwibank Special 3.40
Bluestone 3.49
ICBC 3.69
Heartland 3.95
The Co-operative Bank - Owner Occ 4.40
The Co-operative Bank - Standard 4.40
Kainga Ora 4.43