Dusty carpets

Rajeev asks:
(updated on Wednesday, May 11th 2016)

I would like to find out about carpets in a rental property. We are currently renting and the carpets in the property are very old and worn out. I vacuum them twice a week and every time it almost fills up the vacuum container with really fine dust.

I would like to find out if I have any grounds to ask the landlord to replace the carpets. I am afraid they may affect our health, especially as my daughter is already borderline asthmatic. I have not yet said anything to our property manager.


Our Experts Answer:

You have not said how long you have been living in the property. If you moved in recently the question is relatively straightforward. When you viewed the property prior to renting it, you had an opportunity to see the property as it is, including the carpets. If you subsequently go ahead with a tenancy, you are deemed to have accepted the carpets in their current state.

The twice-weekly vacuuming is not necessarily collecting carpet dust. It could be other dust which happens to collect in the carpet. Also, you said you collect “almost” a full vacuum container of dust. That tells me the vacuum cleaner is coping with the load, so - apart from the possible inconvenience of twice-weekly vacuuming - there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

I don’t think you have any grounds to request a replacement carpet. Nevertheless, I suggest you have a chat with the property manager... You never know: the property owner may be open to installing new carpet!

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