Do WINZ pay rent into landlords account directly?

Question from neil updated on 25th May 2009:

I have a rental apartment that I am considering renting to a couple who are unemployed and claiming from Work & Income NZ. My question is do Work & Income NZ pay rent directly into Landlords bank account as a precautionary measure?

Our expert Jeff Montgomery responded:

I suggest contacting Work and Income directly to clarify if they will pay rent directly to the landlord where a tenant receives Work and Income assistance. You can visit the Work and Income website at, or contact them on 0800 559 009.

In any case, tenants who enter into a residential tenancy agreement with a landlord are responsible for ensuring rent is paid to the landlord by the due date. For more information on tenants’ responsibilities in relation to rent payments, you can contact the Department of Building and Housing on 0800 TENANCY (0800 836 262).

The Department of Building and Housing provides information and guidance on building law and compliance, services including weathertight homes, and advice for tenants and landlords.



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