Can I let to a family member if I am overseas?

Question from Kay updated on 9th August 2010:

If I am a New Zealander and have non-residence status and working overseas. Can I let a rental property I want to buy to a family member? Do I have to set up some sort of trust and if so what sort? How much and how long does that normally take - I am about to put an offer in on a property and want to do it correctly from the start.

Our expert Mark Withers responded:

Regardless of being non resident you can still let a rental property, nobody can stop you letting it to a family member if you wish. If you do it personally you will need to lodge an IR3NR tax return to declare the income derived in NZ. If there is a profit you pay tax in the normal way. If there is a loss there may been the need to scale back your deduction of expenses if the family member is paying a below market value rent.

There are quite complex tax rules around trusts with non resident settlors and trustees. Unless there is a very good reason to use a trust I'd consider it a problematic structure given your non residency. Remember to also take advice in the country you are resident in about the tax concequences associated with the NZ rental. 

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