Broken dishwasher?

Question from Gary updated on 12th April 2013:

We listed a dishwasher as part of the chattels on our tenancy agreement for our rental property. The dishwasher has since broke (most likely by the tenant). Am I required to replace the dishwasher since it was listed under chattels?

Our expert Juliet Robinson responded:

If your tenants signed the tenancy agreement with the dishwasher specified as one of the chattels included in the property, they have a right to expect that it is working. If the dishwasher stops working, you are required to have it repaired. If you can establish that the tenants caused the breakdown, then you may seek recovery of the repair costs from them. However, it’s often hard to prove tenant negligence. You may prefer to replace the dishwasher rather than repair it. If so, go ahead and replace it. That will reduce the risk of further breakdowns in the near future.

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