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Question from Jo updated on 20th March 2019:

We are looking to buy a “Work/Live” unit in an area zoned “Light Industrial” in Auckland. In the development, you may operate a business from the ground floor and live in the upstairs apartment. This is a professionally built complex which complies with all the building regulations and etc.

We would like to seek a “Change of Use” to allow both levels to be operated as apartments. We would rent out the current upstairs apartment and convert the professional office on the ground floor to our own apartment to live in two to three nights each week.

The Body Corp has said while this is not currently permitted, that an owner would be allowed to do this if they got the Council to agree to the change of use. How would we approach that? This would be an application to Auckland Council, but where and how do we start?






Our expert Aaron Tunstall responded:

Council would be one option of where to start finding out. They would guide you through the process. Another option is to pay a town planner to do it for you. The best place to start there would be with the planner that processed the original resource consent documentation. They will be fully aware of everything already and in the best position to advise on whether it would be possible or not. The property file at the Council will show the original planner details.



Aaron Tunstall is the owner of Impression Real Estate, specializing in sales, building and property management.

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