Does your property meet the investment criteria?

Thousands of potential investors visit the Investment Gems section each week.

To ensure we are providing quality listings aimed at investors, we have introduced a simple screening process.

To ensure your listing complies, here are some guidelines. If you are unsure visit the FAQ section here.

It is at our discretion to approve or reject your listing. If your listing should be rejected, a refund will be forthcoming.

Your property should meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Gross Yield
    There should be an 8% minimum gross yield. The gross yield is calculated by dividing the income over a 50 week period by the value (either purchase price or current value) of the property. E.g. if someone purchased a property for $200,000 and it rented for $400 per week, the gross yield would be: $20,000/$200,000 or 10%

  • Instant Equity
    The property is listed with a selling price of at least 10% below registered or government valuation

  • Untapped Potential
    There is the potential to add significant value to the property such as the ability to subdivide, renovate or to add a secondary dwelling.

  • Flexible vendor terms
    The vendors are willing to offer minimum 20% finance terms to the purchaser, such as delayed finance or vendor finance.

Yes, my property meets one of more of the above criteria

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