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Abandoned goods
This information sheet is for landlords explains what procedure to follow when a tenant leaves goods in a property when they leave, and how to dispose of the goods.
Added 01 Mar 2018

Abandoned premises
This information sheet for landlords explains what procedure to follow when a tenant abandons a property without giving notice, and how to apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for rent arrears and compensation.
Added 01 Mar 2018

All about tenancy bonds
This information sheet explains what a bond is, how to lodge it, how to transfer it, and how to get a bond refund.
Added 01 Mar 2018

Buying and selling residential property IR313
This guide will help you to understand whether you should be paying tax when you sell a property and tells you about your responsibilities. It will help you decide whether you need to get more information or professional advice.
Added 01 Mar 2018

New IRD tax book
Inland Revenue has recently released a booklet that clearly spells out the circumstances under which tax is payable on property sales. The guide is designed to help people understand whether they should be paying tax when they sell a property and tells people about their responsibilities
Added 04 Mar 2008

New Meth Standard
The standard was developed by a committee of 21 experts across relevant industries in the public and private sector. These included sampling and testing operators, decontamination contractors, property investment and property management interests, the insurance sector, local authorities, public health authorities, and laboratories. Central and local government were also represented.
Added 30 Nov -0001

NZ Property Investor Magazine - September 2012
These are data files showing suburbs which have experienced the strongest capital gains.
Added 03 Sep 2012

Rent arrears – information for landlords
This information sheet for landlords explains how to apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for rent arrears during a tenancy.
Added 01 Mar 2018

Rental income IR264
This guide explains what the tax rules are for people who own rental property. It is most useful for people who own one or two rental properties, or who have boarders or flatmates rather than larger property investors. We do recommend that you use a tax advisor or an accountant.
Added 17 Dec 2007

Rental income schedule IR3R
Complete this form for each property you rent out.
Added 17 Dec 2007

Rental properties used in the manufacture of methamphetamine (P)
This information sheet explains what action landlords and tenants should take if they suspect a property has been used as a P lab.
Added 01 Mar 2018

Renting & You - A guide to the law about renting
In New Zealand there is a law that covers the landlord-tenant relationship. It gives both landlords and tenants legal rights and obligations. This guide is designed for people who need to know the basics of what that law means especially when they're renting for the first time.
Added 01 Mar 2018

Renting out your property - a landlord's introduction to the law
This brochure, especially for landlords, talks about some of the main things you should know about renting law, and the rights and responsibilities it gives you when you're renting out a residential property.
Added 01 Mar 2018

Sorting out renting problems - all about disputes and mediation
One of the most important ways of avoiding problems is by keeping in contact and sorting out any problems as soon as they happen. If someone has breached the Act you have a few options to help resolve the issue.
Added 01 Mar 2018

Tenancy information
This information sheet for tenants and landlords answers some common questions about tenancy and the law.
Added 01 Mar 2018

Tenant and landlord rights and obligations
This information sheet describes what tenants and landlords can and can’t do when they're renting.
Added 01 Mar 2018

Tips for hassle-free flatting
This information sheet for tenants provides some helpful hints and advice about tenancy agreements and payments and your rights as a tenant or flatmate.
Added 01 Mar 2018

Water charges - who pays?
This information sheet describes who is responsible for paying water charges in which situations.
Added 01 Mar 2018

What insurance do I need?
This information sheet explains the insurance landlords and tenants should have, and what happens if an insurance company takes over a claim.
Added 01 Mar 2018

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