Tools for residential property investors

Landlords and property investors are always on the look out for tools that can assist them in reaching their investment goals. Listed below are some useful sections where you will find information sheets on tenancy issues and brochures about renting. There is also a range of tenancy forms and letters ready to download.

If you are interested in networking with like-minded property investors, then we suggest you check out the New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation, (NZPIF).

NZPIF is the umbrella body for local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand and their purpose is to enable property investors to network together, become more professional and therefore more successful in their property investments.

Click here to go to the NZPIF website for more information.

CD-Roms and DVDs for Landlords and Property Investors
Useful CDs and DVDs for residential property investors and landlords

Downloadable Guides
Here's where you'll find guides to help you with your property investing. These guides are able to be downloaded immediately.

Info Sheets for Landlords
This section contains information sheets and brochures for tenants and landlords on a range of topics and issues to do with renting in New Zealand, from the Department of Building and Housing.

Tenancy Forms
Forms and Letters that are helpful when communicating with tenants. Includes a Tenancy Agreement Form

Useful Links
Useful links for residential property investors.

HSBC Australia
Australian Investors will find the landlord insurance offer competitive

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