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Exit inspection dispute

Mark asks:

Our landlord is alleging carpet damage (dogs) that requires complete replacement and meth contamination. Our dogs were caged every night to prevent this and, during our tenancy, the carpets were professionally cleaned twice. We asked to do a joint exit inspection to avoid this kind of rubbish but our landlord fobbed us off with an excuse four days before exit despite three weeks notice to do this.

We even got an email saying the place looked good and the proper exit inspect would be the next day - and then this. We asked the property manager for a baseline negative meth test and she won't even reply to our requests. Any advice? We're being screwed.

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Renovations while ending tenancy

Hennie asks:

We are currently renting on a term lease agreement but we bought a new house and need to break the lease agreement. The agent is happy for us to do this subject to either finding a new tenant or pay the rent until the end of the term which is not possible for us.

The agent initially promised that they will advertise the property through TradeMe but when we asked today for the link to the ad we were told that the owner wants to do some renovations first and that we need to pay rent for the next 2 two months.

This means that we must pay rent for the property while he makes renovations without the change for us, or the agent, to get new tenants. Please let me know what we can do and do we have to pay the rent while he is doing renovations.


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Rental as registered office address

Pearl asks:

My New Zealand tenant has just registered our rental property as their New Zealand business address. Is this permitted without our written permission?

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