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Deceased bond recovery

Nagoor asks:

In my rental unit I had long-term tenants who were previously the owners. Unfortunately, both are now deceased. The issue I am facing is the recovery of the dues from the bond money. There was an outstanding balance of $650 to be recovered from the bond money.

We are unable to locate the legal heir to the deceased tenants as they had no children. We filed a case with the Tribunal. But it has refused to give a decision to release the bond money unless we locate next of kin or people who manage the estate. We tried Public Trust and could not locate anything. Is there any way this issue could be resolved? I am sure this won't be the first instance of this.




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Demolition notice period

LUKE asks:

We are looking to demolish a rental property to build a family home. Are we required to give 42- or 90-days’ notice to the tenants?



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Adding sleepouts to property

Simon asks:

We live in a freehold house in a mixed zone area. We have a small back yard and we are thinking of adding additional dwellings for income purposes. My question is can we put on three sleep outs and rent them out? Do I need consent if we renovate our existing toilet and kitchen for the sleep outs?

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