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Rent arrears under insolvency

Sue asks:

We have a tenant who is under a court order to repay us outstanding rent arrears of nearly $10,000. We obtained a court order late last year to enable us to immediately evict our tenant if she fails to pay any future rental payments and the tenant was ordered to pay off the debt at $400 per month. But our tenant has just made herself insolvent and now says the court order is null and void. How do we proceed?





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Property management dispute

pip asks:

My tenant moved on after 10 weeks. I was not privy to her contract until I pressed the management company for it. She wasn't looking after the gardens and never lifted a finger. I subsequently found that although I had signed up for a six week fixed tenancy, she had signed for a periodic. No wonder she treated it like a hotel!

I had spent money, time and effort to have it completely shipshape all for a short tenancy. I would never have gone with them for that. I want my money back (first weeks rent went to them)and the three and a half months rent I was expecting. How would I stand in terms of a dispute and/or at the Tenancy Tribunal? Also, why can't the landlord see the contract at the start to make sure we're on the same page?

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Rent on illegal sleepout

Belinda asks:

We are living with an illegal gas installation; a pest of a landlord (eg: turns up with no notice, didn't lodge bond; lied about insulation); an illegal sleepout,  and many other issues. Can we now only pay half rent due to the two bedroom sleepout being illegal? We have a tenancy hearing in three weeks. What else can you advise?

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