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Disagreeing with Tribunal decision

Bruce asks:

I have a situation where a Tenancy Tribunal Adjudicator has ordered my agent to pay almost $5,000 on a case where a 90 day notice was issued. One year later the tenant is still at the house. The adjudicator misinterpreted the Act. Apparently, the owner is not the landlord. Aso, they accepted tenant’s statements with no evidence and rejected ours with evidence. I was not allowed to be added as a name to the matter. My question is who can I talk with about this?


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Lodging bonds

Irena asks:

As a landlord (with not much experience) by law I have to lodge the tenants bond with Tenancy Services within 23 working days. To do this and release it takes a lot of time and paper work and sometimes headaches as people on forums say. Many landlords simply don’t do it. Are there any fines or legal prosecution involved in not doing this?


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Change of tenant rules

Rory asks:

For a change of tenancy to take place on a fixed term tenancy, does at least one tenant that was originally on the contract need to remain as a tenant? If all tenants are leaving then does a new tenancy need to be created?

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