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Landlord obligations

Steven asks:

I moved in to an newly owned property with my wife (then partner) and paid the landlord two weeks bond for one room. I now understand that this bond was never posted. The landlord claims that because we paid individually for one week each that it wasn't required for the bond to be posted. Is there any justification for this?

He was also a live in landlord but has since moved out. Does he now have to install insulation?

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Tenant renovation agreement

Tel asks:

My landlord wants to paint the complete interior of my rental. It could put us out of our home and/or really inconvenience for up to two weeks.

We have been very accommodating when they had the outside of the house painted and roof done and then again when all the carpet and vinyl was done. We are also never compensated for power and water used by tradies. We feel we have only really unpacked from the flooring.

It is another inconvenience and we live away from family so do not have the luxury of being able to just stay with them. What are our rights? Can we say no to this work being carried out at the moment?

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Non-written tenancy agreement

Phil asks:

We have had a tenant abscond without written notice. He didn’t have a written tenancy agreement as he would not provide written references or his drivers licence for us to check and verify his identity. He did pay his rent most of the time since moving in last July. But my question is - was he a tenant and did we have an agreement even though it was not a written one?




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