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Rental tax obligations

Vonney asks:

I have 3/4 equity in my home and I am planning to purchase a small unit as my primary dwelling and then rent out my first home to family. It will most likely be a short term rental for a few years only. What is the best and most efficient way, financially, to do this with regards to tax obligations? I have owned my first home for over five years.



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Duel country tax obligations

frank asks:

I am a New Zealand citizen (with a NZ tax code) and live in England. I moved here in the mid 80s and have been paying tax in the UK only since this time. I have just finished building a house in Tauranga and will be renting it out in the medium term and will live in the UK. But I wanted to find out where I should (or where I have to) pay tax before I engage with either tax department? Would it be it New Zealand or the UK?


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Filing tax returns after many years

wayne asks:

We have rented out our property in New Zealand for 13 years and in that time we have not submitted a tax return. Where do we start and what can we claim? We reside in Australia.




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