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Changing tenancy terms

Richard asks:

The tenant that I have in my rental property (which is managed by a property manager) signed a tenancy agreement for six months. A few weeks before the tenant was due to leave she said that she would like to stay for as long as possible. My property manager extended the tenancy for a further three months and confirmed it by email.

I changed my flight home to New Zealand to arrive three days after the tenant was due to leave. But the tenant then changed her mind, after starting the new term, and asked the tenancy term to be returned back to the original one. This means I've had to change my flight again.

My questions are:

1. Is an email confirmation of a new tenancy term legally binding?

2. As my property manager confirmed the change, should they have got a written and signed addendum to the original contract?

3. Among other things, I'm out of pocket by nearly $300 for flight changes, etc that I didn't need to make. Given the circumstances, can I claim for a refund of these costs?






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Covering windows

dan asks:

I have a three bedroom property and all the bedrooms have window coverings - ie: roller blinds. The open plan living area is on the second story and has roller blinds on one side for privacy from other houses. My current tenant would like me to pay to install window coverings on the remaining living area windows. These windows are all private and no one can see inside the living area from them. Am I required to provide these?



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Replacing light bulbs

Geoff Hall asks:

We have an ongoing problem with a tenant regarding the replacing of light bulbs at the end of a tenancy, prior to re renting the property. Normally a tenant replaces bulbs as required. In this case the bill for three light bulbs is over $ 100. Could you please tell me what is the correct outcome in this type of case?

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