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Landlord inspection rights

John asks:

In a situation where the owner of a property grants a lease, and then subsequently engages a property manager to act as landlord, can the owner then claim landlord's right of entry to inspect or perform work at the property? There seem to be Tenancy Tribunal decisions which indicate that an owner forgoes their right to inspect once an agent has been engaged.



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Plumbing repair woes

Tautini asks:

We have recently had work done on one of our properties. This was organised by our property manager. Only one quote was submitted by a plumber and, due to the urgency for the repairs, we accepted the quote. Once the work was complete, our property manager told us he had done a marvellous job. So in good faith we paid without inspecting.

However, a week later we visited the property to do some minor repairs. We discovered the plumbing job was substandard and the repairs were not done properly. Further, our tenants told us the plumber – who turns out to be a friend of our property manager - spent less than half the time he charged us for. He also over charged us for the materials.

We tried mediation through our property manager but they do not support our claims and are covering up for their friend, the plumber. Who do we take the Small Claims Court? The plumber or our property manager? And where can we report our non-professional property manager?





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Heat pump request

Nina asks:

I have asked my landlord if they could kindly install a Heatpump/AC in our property. We have been tenants for over a year and just renewed. The landord and property management have thanked us for taking care of the property. The house was brand new when we rented it and we requested an AC last year, but the landlord refused saying he might revisit the idea next year. I am now awaiting their response. What is the best approach for this? What if they refuse - would they allow us to install it? We cannot open windows since we have a bush next door with loads of bugs.

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