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Storage risks

Julie asks:

I have a two bedroom residential rental property. There is one bedroom with a bed in it that also has boxes of personal items being stored and the room is very full. Can the landlord legally request that the items being stored in the room be removed citing them as a fire risk?

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Lease obligations

Troy asks:

My partner has a lease agreement on the property she is renting. The real estate company has changed a number of times over the past six months and she has only ever signed an agreement with the original company. She wants to break the lease now so does the new company hold any legal stance over her breaking the lease as they have not made her sign a new contract?

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Letting fee refund?

Debbie asks:

My niece and three others moved into a house, the bond and letting fee was split four ways. After three weeks the "head" tenant kicked the three other out. She gave them two weeks notice and returned their bond but not their share of the letting fee, is it possible to get this back after five weeks? And does it come from the "head" tenant or the property management company? I would of thought the "head" tenant should have paid this herself? 

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