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Renting room-by-room

greg asks:

I have a five bed, five bath house which I want to rent by the room. Each room has a kitchenette also. There is a shared main living area, large kitchen and laundry facility.

My question is this: Am I allowed to run each room as a fixed term tenancy with up to two people in each room?

My property manager thinks not due to interpretation of the RTA clause 66b. She thinks that if six or more tenants occupy the building it becomes a boarding house.

However, the definition states that a boarding house must contain one or more boarding rooms.And a "boarding room" is merely a sleeping quarter whereas I would see each room more as a "studio apartment" (it being self contained with the ensuite and kitchenette).

Any clarification you could offer would be much appreciated.


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Utilities charges

Rick asks:

Is it legal to leave the power, water and gas in the landlord’s name and for the landlord to charge a set fee to each individual tenant who uses those services and, if so, what should that fee be? Is there a rule of thumb or average that other landlords charge? We are charging $25 per person per week but I have heard that some tenants pay $37 or more. The property is in West Auckland.

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Smoke alarm authority

josh asks:

Recently I was informed by our property manager that an after hours call out of an electrician was required because a smoke alarm was malfunctioning (constantly in alarm state). The alarm was only about two years old and is a photoelectric type with a 10 year battery life which if removed from its base would go silent. It has since been destroyed and disposed of by the electrician.

Now we are expected to pay the call out fee and the replacement cost for the alarm, even though this could have been dealt with by the tenant and the faulty alarm replaced under the manufactures warranty. Are we within our rights to dispute this with the property management company?


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