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Reasonably practicable insulation

karey asks:

I was wondering about the defintion of 'reasonably practicable' when it comes to meeting the requirement for insulating a rental property? I have a small unit that was insulated at the time of being built (circa 1994) but does not meet the current R-Value rating.

There is no access to ceiling space (it is gib ceiling without manhole) and if there was access, the space in sloped roof ranges from 10cm to 1.5 metre high. The walls (gib internally & hardie board externally) are also insulated but again do not meet current R-Value. The floor is concrete slab.

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Property manager termination

Kuna asks:

My property manager failed to provide a signed tenancy contract. I have notified them but they still fail to remedy it. The property manager agreed to terminate their management agreement due to their failure in the management agreement clause. But I still haven't received the tenancy contract, so I don't have the tenants details to communicate them about the termination of property management.

I wonder if the property manager needs to hand over the tenancy to me in law - and do things such as informing tenants to make payment to my bank account, transferring bond under my name, giving all papers they keep? I afraid that the tenants will keep paying rent through the management company and that I will still be charged for their unprofessional services.

I'm also concerned that I'll need to handle a mess handed over by the manager.

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Maintenance responsibility

Tess asks:

We currently live overseas but have a rental property managed by a property management company. It seems as if the property management company is being a bit ridiculous lately in terms of what we might reasonably expect the tenant to do themselves versus getting a handyman to do.

The latest request is regarding a door handle that has come off and a stud that has gone missing from underneath a shelf in a small cupboard (without it the shelf tips so is unusable). The door handle has come off in the past when we lived in the property and it is simply a matter of holding a screwdriver in the screw while screwing the handle back on.

Similarly, we said that a replacement stud can be bought from any DIY store for approx $2 and we would be happy to reimburse the tenant for this. The property manager has said we can't expect the tenant to do either of these things and we have to pay a handyman. Is it reasonable to ask the tenant to do this work?

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