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Bond dispute

Karen asks:

We recently moved out of a property that we were renting. Prior to moving, we did a walk-through and inspection with the owner. The owner and I signed the bond forms completely and the owner did not have any concerns during the walk-through.

However, when the refund came, only $320.00 was refunded and $1,000 was in dispute. I learned that the owner had made some changes on the form without informing us. Now she's claiming a lot of damages and repairs against our bond.

She has my number and email address but went ahead. I have a photocopy of the original form that we signed. Can I still claim the remaining bond? It seems that she just waited for us to leave New Zealand before submitting the tampered forms.


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Fight damage liability

Carrie asks:

My tenant states that an unknown neighbour came into her garage and a boyfriend followed her into the garage and that the two were fighting and caused damage to the garage door. My tenant claims she called the police and stayed inside while the couple was in the garage. There is damage to the garage door that the tenant wants me to pay for. Who is responsible for this damage, me or the tenant?



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Property manager issues

Emily asks:

We have had a terrible experience with our current property manager who failed to advise us of an issue with the tenant early in the tenancy. This has now resulted in a Tenancy Tribunal hearing where the tenant is claiming large damages at the end of their tenancy. The property manager had a full management agreement and was named on the tenancy agreement (we as owners are not named) and is also named in the proceedings.

We are considering terminating our relationship with the property manager and have two questions. Are they still bound to appear in the tribunal as the defendant even if no longer our property manager? If the Tribunal finds against the Landlord (property manager) are they liable for the penalty (as opposed to the owner) who is not named in the proceedings?





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