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Invest or pay mortgage?

jordan asks:

My wife and I were lucky enough to ride the wave in the very buoyant Bay of Plenty property market a few years back with a couple of units. We ended up cashing in and brought our forever home. It has a CV of $1.2 million and our debt is $350,000. Since then we have been treading water as we have a new baby and my wife has not been working. But now she is back at work and more money is coming in.

I know the likelihood of there being another boom, similar to the recent one, in the foreseeable future is slim. So my question to you is would you recommend that we increase our payments on our current mortgage or look to invest? We have been approved up to $600,000 to buy and have enough money coming in to pay our mortgage and help top up another.




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Choosing strategies

Anna asks:

I have been hearing lots of different opinions on whether you should invest for capital growth or invest for positive cash flow. What do you think is the best strategy - & why? Or do you think it's best to do a bit of both?



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Becoming a landlord

Nikki asks:

I am looking at renting out my current home and moving cities. I am in Auckland. I am just wanting to know where I can go to get all the necessary information on becoming a landlord, taxes, insurances and etc. Is there somewhere I can go to read up on all of this? I will use a property manager but I want to know what extra costs are involved apart from insurance and property management fees.

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