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Choosing strategies

Anna asks:

I have been hearing lots of different opinions on whether you should invest for capital growth or invest for positive cash flow. What do you think is the best strategy - & why? Or do you think it's best to do a bit of both?



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Becoming a landlord

Nikki asks:

I am looking at renting out my current home and moving cities. I am in Auckland. I am just wanting to know where I can go to get all the necessary information on becoming a landlord, taxes, insurances and etc. Is there somewhere I can go to read up on all of this? I will use a property manager but I want to know what extra costs are involved apart from insurance and property management fees.

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Adding value

Miriam asks:

It seems like trying to add value to a property might be a good thing to do now with the market as it is. What do you think are the best ways to add value to an existing property?

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