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Rene is the founder of digital insurance platform Initio, which is about insuring houses online in real time to provide a faster, smoother and customer-first approach to property insurance.

Insuring damage

Ash asks:

Regarding the new law where landlords have to provide insurance information to a new tenant so that the tenant will know their liability (which is bond money or the landlord’s insurance excess, whichever is lower). It means that tenants can get away with trashing a property only to pay the excess amount of landlord’s insurance which would always be lower than bond money.

Are there any other tactics which would bind tenants for what they are actually liable for? For example, would increasing the excess to of insurance to more than $2,000 give some relief to a landlord?



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Extent of cover

Miriam asks:

I bought a new DSLR camera on the weekend. Does my insurance automatically cover new items like this that I buy for my house?



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Rising premiums

Miranda asks:

I'm just wondering why have my property insurance premiums suddenly increased?

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