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Rene is the founder of digital insurance platform Initio, which is about insuring houses online in real time to provide a faster, smoother and customer-first approach to property insurance.

Insurance for tenants

Laura asks:

I'm trying to find contents insurance as a renter that would cover my contents as well as any carpet damage caused by myself or my cat. Any suggestions / advice?

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Spa damage liability

Ana asks:

We believe our tenant forgot to close the locks on the cover of the spa pool and heavy wind blew it away leaving two of the locks broken. It was in good condition when the tenant moved in and she signed the landlord checklist to state that nothing was wrong. But now she is saying that it was broken because of its age, weight, and sun damage.

I don’t have a photo of the spa as it was when she moved in. But I do have the council’s periodic inspection reports and they ensured the spa cover is secure and that the spa poses no danger for children.

Our tenant does not want to repair it because of the current law stating that if a landlord has insurance, the tenant does not have to pay for repair of damage nor the excess of insurance. The house is insured but its contents are not insured which means that the spa is also not insured. So does my tenant have to pay for the cover repair?







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Damage liability claims

Mark asks:

We have two separate claims currently with insurance companies. They involve a situation where the tenants got in a house sitter while they were away and the house sitter damaged the house. There is $700 excess for a small fire and $650 excess for a new garage door. But both parties are currently avoiding paying us the excess.

Our question is what can we do in the meantime? Recent Tenancy Tribunal decisions show tenants walking away with the bond in their pockets. How do we tie up the bond until the appeal result is out? If we can't hold the bond up, can we take the house sitter to the Disputes Tribunal?





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