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Rene is the founder of digital insurance platform Initio, which is about insuring houses online in real time to provide a faster, smoother and customer-first approach to property insurance.

Lost income claim

sue asks:

Just before level four of the Covid-19 lockdown, my tenants legally moved out. My house then remained empty during level four and three. Level two was very slow and likely tenants were reluctant to come and view so it still remained empty. I looked at my insurance policy to see what the term "loss " meant. Have I got any way I can make a claim for loss of income due to Covid-19 ? The term "loss" by my insurance company is defined as "physical" loss and not monetary loss.

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Missed inspection cover

Roberta asks:

I'm going away for an extended period of time over the festive season and I can't commit to my periodic inspection. Every three months is onerous. If I don't organise an inspection will I still be covered?

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Shortfall liability

larry asks:

We have tenanted a small one bed studio. During the tenant's occupation a pipe burst flooding the bedroom. The tenant temporarily vacated. We removed the carpets and placed a dryer/blower overnight. We arrived next morning to find the appliance had failed and caused a fire causing extensive smoke damage to the tenant's possessions. The tenant was reportedly underinsured by some $10,000 and is pursuing reimbursement. My question is are we liable for the shortfall of our tenant’s insurance?



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