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Apartment strategy risks

Andrew asks:

I'm interested in getting a start on the property ladder. I was thinking about investing in an Auckland CBD apartment and putting it on Airbnb. But it seems that the Covid-19 crisis has dealt a blow to that strategy. Do you think that is the case? Or do you think that it could be worth pursuing it a bit further down the track?





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Forming a company

Kathryn asks:

I purchased my first and only investment property a few years ago in my name only. I did not form a company but am wondering if I can do that now as my daughter and son in law want to buy a half share of the house and we will then hopefully purchase other properties together. Is this easily done?

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Loan structure split

Lisa asks:

We currently have a home and income property. We live in the three-bedroom flat and rent out the two-bedroom flat. Based on the floor area, the rental is about 36% of the whole property. Can we structure our home loan based on its market value at 36%-64% ratio?

We’d set the 34% at interest only and the rest with fixed/offset so we can pay off the main house where we live faster. I understand we can claim expenses including interest rates in the rental but not with the house we live.



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