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Kris is a respected commentator on the property and finance markets in New Zealand and overseas. He spends his time working closely with his support team sourcing clients leading edge finance strategies.

Ownership change

Rex asks:

I am the sole shareholder of an LTC which owns residential rental property. Soon this company is going to be making a profit rather than a loss. I intend to keep it in a profit situation in order to pay down debt on the property. Would you recommend changing the ownership to a trust? or something else?

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Sell or hold?

Mal asks:

We have a freehold home and two rentals that owe: $176,000, $211,000 and $316,000. Obviously, we are topping up two of the properties. If we sell the first property for $600,000 to reduce debt we could pay off the last $103,000 in a few years. Is this a better option than paying off $703, 000 over 20 years? Or is having three rentals better than having two?


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Boarding house claims

Rebekah asks:

We have just started a small boarding house: there are four bedrooms. We are paying the power. We presume this is claimable as an expense at the end of the financial year?

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