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Kris is a respected commentator on the property and finance markets in New Zealand and overseas. He spends his time working closely with his support team sourcing clients leading edge finance strategies.

Boarding house claims

Rebekah asks:

We have just started a small boarding house: there are four bedrooms. We are paying the power. We presume this is claimable as an expense at the end of the financial year?

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Using equity to add value

Ben asks:

I am currently renovating my property in order to get the maximum value out of it when it comes time to get it valued. I will then look at purchasing my first investment property. I am currently doing a bathroom job and looking at replacing an aging/rotting fence around my property.

However, I have a strict budget and at this rate can only afford to do the bathroom. So my question is would it be wise to pull equity from the property to complete the fence? It would add further value but I would have dipped into the equity to do it? Or would it be better to just complete the bathroom and leave the fence, and then re-value with equity untouched - but with the property potentially having less value?



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Calculating potential ROI

Poornaka asks:


I am thinking about building additional dwellings on my existing plot to rent out. But how can I figure out my return on income? Is there a professional entity that provides forecasting on what the return could look like based on some basic input assumptions? My goal is to back-calculate how much I should be spending to build based on the potential rental gross income from the area.



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