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Bank LVR application

Michael asks:

When you are refinancing a property (either an owner occupier property or an investment property) will the bank apply the LVR ratio against the original purchase price or against the current value? For example: I purchased a place in 2010 for $300,000 and currently owe $250,000. The property is now valued at around $650,000.



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Woolston investment dilemma

tamney asks:

I have a rental property in Woolston. It is an old state house that was built in 1960. It needs some work done to it to get it completed which we can't afford to do as the bank won't lend us any money because of our LVR which is 84.19%.

The house is in a Trust as well so I can't negatively gear it. I've approached the SBS Bank for a loan which was declined because we are already over the maximum LVR. There are many factors working against us including the flat housing market in Christchurch which makes it difficult to sell right now.

Who can I get unbiased advice from in Christchurch as to whether we should just cut our losses and run or should we hold on to the property?

My thoughts were that with the rebuild in the CBD that the Woolston area may be in demand in the next six years or so once people start moving back into the CBD for work. Hence we should see property values go up again.

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Low income investing options

vicki asks:

Is there any way for me to buy another property to live in and do up? I’m itching to do something like that which I can sink my teeth into.

My current situation is as follows: I own the one bedroom unit that I live in. There is no loan on it and its value is about $220,000. I also own an investment rental with long term tenants. It has a $309,000 interest only loan on it and is valued at around $500,000.

I gave up full time employment recently and I'm using my savings while I enjoy life and pursue my dreams. I also have another interest only bank loan of $45,000 which the investment property pays for.

Ideally, I'd like to keep both properties and maybe rent out my home. I don't have any desire to sell the investment property. I also don’t plan to get a full time job. I can pick up work if I want but the plan is to stay semi-retired and see what happens.





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