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Transferring tenancies

vicki asks:

We are just in the final stages of purchasing a property. We are buying the property tenanted.

With four individual units each on a periodic tenancy agreement, I was wondering how the transfer process works?

When do I let them know our bank account details: does this happen before settlement? I'm assuming this would all take place before settlement? Is it something we do or our solicitors?

Along with the landlord transfer form, do they need to fill out another periodic agreement with ourselves as the new landlords?

If I want to put the rent up as a new landlord, is it the standard 60 days written notice and is this done all tenancy transfer or better left to a later date?

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Property disclosure

Ben asks:

How much information should your property manager / landlord disclose when tenanting a property? For example, I am living in a house reclad because of leaks with no current CCC. Work around the property has been going on and off now for 84 weeks. Builders, roofers, drainlayers, etc are on site (mainly doing renovations, decks, pathways, driveway extension and the like) and the final council inspection is still to happen.

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No asset procedure

Pauline asks:

Tenants owing us serious rent arrears have been granted the " No Asset Procedure" and have been fully exonerated from paying the serious rent arrears.

The Tenancy Tribunal ruled that they must re pay the arrears at a nominal rate. However, they have been fully exonerated by this sham 'No Asset Procedure" process. and cleared of all debts!

They will be laughing all the way to the next unsuspecting landlord. How do others deal with this?



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