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Subletting without permission

Matthew asks:

My tenants are subletting my residential house to two commercial companies with out my permission. This has gone on for three years without my permission. Can I send those companies a rent bill?

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Breaking fixed term contract

Elizabeth asks:

My tenant has given notice to leave the property shortly, but has signed a fixed term tenancy agreement until Feb 2016.

I realise I can agree to this or not. I don't want to be difficult as she has a genuine reason for leaving, but I wonder if it would be considered reasonable for me to ask for a month's rental for inconvenience?


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"Unhealthy house" options?

Shane asks:

We signed a tenancy agreement that was listed via a reputable property manager. The property was managed by a relative of the off-shore owner who had power of attorney. When we met the property manager at the property to collect the keys no inspection process took place. When he left we discovered mould on every curtain, on the walls in most rooms and on some ceiling areas. We did not expect this in a $620 a week rental.


We viewed this property under duress as the sitting tenant had a death in the family and we were rushed through by the agent. We are landlords ourselves and would not let an unhealthy house to anyone. The owners’ rep has let us out of the one year tenancy - but denies there is a mould issue and has kept our one week advance rent payment. What are our options here? Is this legal?

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