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Pest control responsibilities

Sibylle asks:

We moved into our new rental property six days ago. While unpacking we realised that mice are living in the hot water cupboard. It smells terrible and there are mouse droppings everywhere. Additionally, the place is flea invested. We started getting bitten on day two and it is getting worse. Who is responsible for paying for pest control?






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Pet-friendly verbal agreement

Dan asks:

Our written tenancy agreement says no pets. However, the landlord has given a verbal and informal written (email through his property manager and a phone call) permission for us to move in to the house with our two cats.

If things turn sour, and they want the cats gone - what kind of standing do we have? Obviously we don’t want to get rid of the cats but we want to know how contradictory tenancy and verbal agreements would work in this scenario.




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Retrospective insulation claim?

Kate asks:

I would like to rent my property out shortly, but it is currently not insulated. Would I be able to retrospectively claim back the government subsidy if I had this work done before getting tenants?

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