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Unsatisfactory property

sunny asks:

I rented a property which had mould and smelled. I did not get a chance to look at the property beforehand as I was moving form a different country. I cleaned up the property but the smell didn't go away. Also, the toilet didn't flash properly and the front door needed new rollers. I told the property manager about the issues but they didn't fix them or talk to the landlord, I moved out and they still want me to pay rent. I feel this is not fair. Should I have to pay rent?

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Reluctant landlords' taxes

Keith asks:

Our son was bankrupted and was about to lose his family home of 13 years to the bank. As parents In our late sixties, we were fortunate to be able to borrow enough to purchase his home and he has become our tenant.

We are reluctant landlords with no other properties except where we live. His rent is only sufficient to meet mortgage interest, rates and insurance. We will never make a taxable profit and wold never claim a taxable loss. So my question is: Do we have to lodge a tax return?

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Misuse of tenancy agreement

rira asks:

We recently found out that our former tenant, who left us about two weeks ago, used our tenancy agreement document to apply for a loan. How can we prevent this from happening with ex-tenants? 

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