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Unhealthy rental

jessica asks:

My partner recently found a property and had a look at it and applied for it to rent. The carpeting was stained and they said it would be cleaned. He paid the letting fee and one weeks rent in advance. At this time I had no time off work to view the property. So he took me along to view it when I had a chance. The carpet looks beyond cleanable, the house smells horrid, the blinds are broken and some of the curtains are stained. We were then told that the only water supply is tank water and we would have to buy and drink bottled water. I am six months pregnant and have been advised it is not safe for my child to bath in the water once she is born and I should not live there. But my partner has already signed the tenancy agreement. Can we get the one weeks rent in advance and letting fee back? We cannot move in there as it is totally unsuitable/unhealthy.

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Wanting to leave

Kate asks:

I am living in a flat conversion - me upstairs and someone in the basement. We have had major power problems and have discovered that we are both paying about the same amount to different power companies. My power company has done a load test on both flats and they are not connected as we thought. Both flats have had bills of $280 for the last three months. I've rung local council and discovered that this is an unpermitted conversion. When doing the load test, the electrician discovered that two of the fuses had melted and were in pretty unsafe condition. There are no fire alarms in either flat and mine has only one entrance (no other exit in case of fire). I am now wanting to leave as I feel unsafe. Is this sufficient to break the tenancy and would this be something we could take to Tenancy Tribunal?

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Tenant moving overseas

Moon asks:

I just received an email from my property manager saying that my tenant will go overseas and end the tenancy before the date written on the contract. I'm thinking of applying to the Tenancy Tribunal over this, but I guess it will be hard to collect the loss once the tenant leaves the country. The property manager also informed me that he tried to find another tenant but couldn't. What can I do?

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