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Bad neighbours

Melanie asks:

My husband and I have just purchased our first home. There are three townhouses on a shared driveway as they are cross lease properties. The middle townhouse has just been tenanted to Mongrel Mob members and this is disrupting the peace of myself and the other soon to be landlord that lives in the other townhouse.

They have wild parties and park across our garage door so we can't get out. They also have violent domestic disputes right outside our garage door, try to run each other over and swear. Myself and the other soon to be owner want these gang members evicted. The police know about this incidents and these people are well known to them.

I am planning to get the bad neighbours' landlord tomorrow but what do we do about this? How does the landlord evict them?

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Addressing a tenancy breach

tomas asks:

We signed a tenancy agreement for six months and paid two weeks bond as deposit. We didn't have access into the property before signing the tenancy agreement and we didn't fill in the property inspection report in the agreement until we gained access for inspection prior to moving in.

The interior of the house was in a very poor state - with mould on the ceiling and walls, paint coming off the walls and ceiling, cracked walls and frames, carpet in poor condition.

Can we cancel our tenancy agreement before moving in and get a full refund of the two weeks bond back? The landlord only did touch ups and it looks terrible. That was three days before the moving in date and eight days after singning the incomplete tenancy agreement.

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Ending fixed term tenancies

john asks:

Is it possible to end a fixed term tenancy by giving notice that a family member needs to move into the property? Or only through agreement? What other ways are open to a landlord?

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