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Swimming pool safety

Charlotte asks:

What would happen if your rental property has a pool and a tenant has a pool related accident? Could the tenant claim against the landlord in any way? If we, as a landlord, had confirmation that the pool was compliant with the relevant legislation, is that enough to protect our position?



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Rent increase timing

sam asks:

Just a quick question regarding this: "Landlords can only increase rent after the first 180 days of the tenancy."

Does this mean the 60 days notice period needs to be served on day 181? Or does it mean the 60 day notice period can be given on day 121, with the increase taking effect on day 181 of the tenancy?


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Excessive power bills

Chanel asks:

Myself and a few friends are currently flatting at the moment and have had issues with our power bill due to a faulty hot water cylinder - causing our bills to be in excess of $450..

When we told our property manager this, she claimed that this wasn't really a high power bill in Winter and that we should be more careful with our power usage or perhaps choose a different power company. We have all been renting previously and are well aware that this type of power bill is absolutely not normal.

Throughout this issue which carried on for another two months, the property manager was extremely unhelpful and always seemed to doubt our problems with the house and said that she would need to send her own people out to make sure we were telling the truth. We are currently claiming compensation on excess power but we want to know if we can go for the letting fee of around $750 as we feel she hasn't done her job as our property manager.

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