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Ending a tenancy

Cam asks:

I have a couple of questions. My partner (we're not married) is needing a place to live (currently we're doing the long distance thing). Can I terminate my tenants' lease so she has somewhere to live? Also, I'm having a lot of problems with tenants not paying on time, etc. The tenancy agreement states they have to be paid up by Thursday each week unless by prior arrangement. This hasn't been happening. Is there anything that I can do about it?

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Enforcing payment of rent owed

Phillip asks:

I have a tenant who has paid no rent since she moved in. Her bond and two weeks rent were paid by WINZ . She has made no attempt to contact me to fully explain what has happened and all her promises of "I'll pay tomorrow" have not happened. I have asked the same questions each week. She is currently six weeks behind and she hasn't stayed in the rental for the last three weeks yet all her belongings are there. I have spoken to her and have handed her a notice informing her she was in breach our agreement which she acknowledged - but she still did not meet the rent payment. I again have tried to contact her via phone and on Facebook but I have heard nothing. She is a tenant in a sleep-out on my property. What can I do to get this tenant to remove her belongings and pay the rent?

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Running toilet leads to bill dispute

Tania asks:

When I went to visit my tenants I noticed the toilet was running. They had not noticed this. I advised them to turn off the valve and said I would contact a plumber. The next working day we had a personal emergency and forgot all about contacting anyone. Three weeks later my tenants contacted me and asked where I was on the repair. 

I had totally forgotten and contacted a plumber. Unfortunately, this was the week before Xmas. The plumber said he would try and get there but couldn't guarantee it. I asked my tenants if they would like to organise their own tradesman but they declined. The plumber eventually arrived (following another call after Xmas) and the repair was made.

Now my tenants are disputing the water bill and want us to pay quite a large portion. As they hadn't even noticed the leak prior to my pointing it out, I am not sure how long it had been going for before I noticed it. My tenants are also not sure if, while they were away for two weeks holiday over Xmas, they remembered to turn the valve off. But they are saying they shouldn't have had to.

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