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Ending fixed-term tenancies

Iliganoa asks:

I, the main tenant, just found out that we've been getting noise control complaints that go back two years (although most have been this year). I gave my ex-criminal son permission to have parties with his friends in my garage to keep him away from trouble but I was never told that noise control have been around a few times. Equipment were never confiscated and the police apparently were never able to come around so it was just the council who did.

The council then went to the agent with the report and the agent rang my daughter and, rudely, had a go at her for it. They even sent unprofessional emails making things up that weren't on the council report. We then got a 14 day remedy notice. BUT, before 5 days were up, we were told that we have to leave before the (fixed) tenancy agreement is up or they'll take us to the Tribunal. They are threatening that if we don't move, all costs will be our responsibility.

Scared, my daughter gave three months from now without letting me know first. However, after speaking with my first born overseas, I feel we've been mistreated. What can we do?


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Extra water cost liability

Katie asks:

Usually our water bills are between $70-$120 per month. We had a toilet that was continuously running and I reported this to my landlord. I specified in my email that I was worried about this affecting water bills. It took over a month and some more emails until this was fixed. We have just received a bill for $400. $270 of it is wastewater. Who is liable for this?

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Taking vacant possession

Todd asks:

I am currently the property manager for an elderly lady who is incapacitated in hospital under the PPPR ACT. She is the owner of a property in West Auckland which is currently occupied by her daughter and several boarders who she collects rent off. She does not pass the rent on to me. She also refuses to make contact and is not looking after the place. I need to get her out and sell the house. What rights do I have ? Can I treat her as a squatter and simply take possession?


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