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Ending fixed term tenancies

Tracey asks:

I see you can break a fixed term tenancy if the house is uninhabitable, but what about if your flatmates are constantly having parties? There are house rules as part of the agreement with this tenancy which says if they are breached we will be given notice. This includes rules about parties and noise. My flatmates party almost every night and I awake to bottles on every surface in the lounge and kitchen and urine on the toilet floor. I have reported this repeatedly and have moved out now. But the property manager will not let me out of the lease. Do you have any advice please?

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Power sharing

Ben asks:

We live on a property with two separate dwellings but we share a power meter. At the moment we pay 50% of the power bill each month but in the house we share power with the owner is an elderly lady who is at home all the time. This drives our power bill through the roof, especially over winter. Do we have a right to request a sub- meter so that we know exactly how much power we are using and can pay our fair share?

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Ending fixed-term tenancies

Iliganoa asks:

I, the main tenant, just found out that we've been getting noise control complaints that go back two years (although most have been this year). I gave my ex-criminal son permission to have parties with his friends in my garage to keep him away from trouble but I was never told that noise control have been around a few times. Equipment were never confiscated and the police apparently were never able to come around so it was just the council who did.

The council then went to the agent with the report and the agent rang my daughter and, rudely, had a go at her for it. They even sent unprofessional emails making things up that weren't on the council report. We then got a 14 day remedy notice. BUT, before 5 days were up, we were told that we have to leave before the (fixed) tenancy agreement is up or they'll take us to the Tribunal. They are threatening that if we don't move, all costs will be our responsibility.

Scared, my daughter gave three months from now without letting me know first. However, after speaking with my first born overseas, I feel we've been mistreated. What can we do?


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