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Rent reduction for sub-division

Jacqui asks:

The house in question has been sold keeping the existing tenants. The current property included a big back yard and garage. But the back yard is now being sub-divided which means the garage will be demolished.

The tenants will have to store their belongings from the garage elsewhere and there will no longer be a backyard as the contractors will be running services, ripping up the driveway and putting a house on the backyard. Are the tenants entitled to a rent reduction?




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Illegal conditions

pamela asks:

Does a property manager have a responsibility towards the tenant to ensure that the dwelling they are advertising is not illegal?

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Tenant's home business

Robert asks:

I am the tenant in this question. I am looking to start a from home business. As I am renting what are some things I need to talk to my landlord about?

I am looking to use a portion of the basement as an office, but want to make sure we both know where we stand before I commit to anything. Couldn't find any good examples of this to go from.

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