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Bond on fixed-term breach?

Tom asks:

If a tenant terminates a tenancy before the fixed term is finished, then who gets the balance of the bond? For example, the bond was lodged for $2,000 with total property costs of $250 to be deducted. Who gets the remaining $1750?

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No hot water

Renee asks:

We currently lease a commercial building and have never had hot water, or even taps.When I brought this up with the landlord he basically said we had agreed to it in the beginning with no hot water. The original lease was started in 2011 before I was employed by the company but there is nothing mentioned about the building not having or having hot water. Our lease is up for renewal so I just want to find out our legal obligations as we are a engineering firm and you can only imagine how dirty the guys hands get with no hot water to clean. I don't have hot water to wash my hands after the bathroom either. We have our own hot water urn in the kitchen for hot water as none of the sinks have hot water taps to start with so at least we can have smoko but I just don't think it's right we are not able to wash our hands in hand water after going to the bathroom etc. The kitchen is situated upstairs and at the other end of the building from the toilets also.

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Identity proof

Lynnda asks:

Can a landlord request proof of identity? If the tenant refuses to provide it then what is the next step? I understand without this you cannot go to the Tenancy Tribunal.

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